Baby Name Battle – Jacob vs. Caleb

Baby Name Battle – Jacob vs. Caleb

If you were having a son, and you had to name him either Jacob or Caleb, which would it be?

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Update, 8/15/16: There’s some confusion in the comments about the definitions of the Hebrew names Jacob and Caleb, so here they are:

15 thoughts on “Baby Name Battle – Jacob vs. Caleb

  1. I prefer Jacob, but I’d have to use Caleb to avoid the Twilight association. Plus, I highly dislike Jake [if I did have a Jacob, I’d call him something like Coby or Akiva or Jamie].

  2. Jacob is a family name so I’ll pick it, although my friends have a Jake and my nephew is named Jackson. I really dislike the nickname Cale, so Caleb is out.

  3. We have two boys and coincidentally their names are Jacob and Caleb. At first I thought that I would hate shortening Jacob to Jake and my wife and I vowed never to call him Jake however, it just kind of happened naturally and I wouldn’t change it. In fact when Caleb came around 4 years later we thought after that it would have been nice to have named him something that could have been shortened as well.
    F.Y.I The name Jacob has been within the top 5 on the popularity lists for baby names for a few years now and Caleb has not even registered. Also Jacob means, the supplanter and Caleb means the faithful, obedient and fearless man of God. Both are strong names and we wouldn’t change either of them. Good luck!

  4. Nancy–Yes Dogs are faithful and obedient, however Caleb does not mean dog…it means as follows…Caleb – Hebrew – As faithful as a dog, and more if you do your research properly. Thank-you for your Wikipedia worthy remarks.

    a male dog = Kelev (???)
    a female dog = kalbah (????)

  5. My choice for a boy is Caleb I have a nephew called Jacob and I think Caleb is more unique and I love the meaning. Caleb means whole hearted, loyal and faithful it’s also the or close to the translation of Dog in Hebrew. Caleb and Joshua scouted The Promised Land for Moses. There are also other Caleb’s in the bible but this is the names major role in said book. I don’t know anyone called Caleb but I heard the name on Tele and really cottoned on. I loved the name even more when I found out it’s meanings and origin. My partner and I also have biblical names so it fits in with us. I am a huge dog person too and love that the name translates to and shares qualities of my favourite animal. I will not be shortening my sons name it’s very hansome and short enough as it is. I love the name Caleb and I can’t see why it isn’t more popular.

  6. I picked Caleb. I like both names, I just like Caleb more. It is popular where I live. Also, if you look at how many alternate spellings there are of Caleb, you’ll see that it is quite popular. It rates high on the Social Security Administration’s list of popular baby names and is actually about twice as popular nationally as it is where I live.

    The debate on the meaning of Caleb is fascinating. Apparently it’s one of those things people can disagree on because there are good arguments for each meaning. If you think about it though, it’s not bad for it to mean ‘doglike’ or ‘dog’ and since dogs generally are considered faithful, loyal, etc, the name can have the literal meaning ‘dog’ and that can still connote to you someone with valiant characteristics.

  7. My son thought this was funny to see. My first son is Jacob, 14 years old and my second son, Caleb is 11. They like to play sword fighting and are generally full of sibling rivalry. So this picture totally suits them. :D But the name Caleb means bold and Jacob means tricky. My son Jacob has had issue with the meaning of his name as we have watched the other children fulfill the meanings in their personality. So, I think I would choose Caleb – in case you still wanted to know. (:

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