Most Popular Baby Names in Armenia in 2010

The top baby names in Armenia in 2010 were Narek and Mane.

Out of the 23,800 baby boys boys born in in Armenia in 2010, 1,139 were named Narek. Also popular for boys were the names David, Gor, Eric and Arman.

Out of the 20,900 baby girls born in 2010, 923 were named Mane. Also popular for girls were Milena, Ani, Anahit, Elen, Nare.

Source: National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia, via Mane and Narek announced most popular baby names in 2010

One thought on “Most Popular Baby Names in Armenia in 2010

  1. I know Narek is a real name, but all I can think of is that movie “Watcher in the Woods”. You know, where that little girl names her puppy Nerak?

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