Yarnell – The Freaky Mime Baby Name

shields and yarnell
Freaky, right?
The baby name Yarnell was rare until 1977, when dozens of baby Yarnells suddenly popped up on the SSA’s baby name list:

  • 1980: 9 baby girls named Yarnell
  • 1979: 6 baby girls & 6 baby boys named Yarnell
  • 1978: 22 baby girls & 17 baby boys named Yarnell
  • 1977: 41 baby girls & 25 baby boys named Yarnell
  • 1976: unlisted

If you think mimes are freaky (like I do) you might find the explanation a bit disturbing.

The spike can be traced back to mime team Shields and Yarnell, made up of married couple Robert Shields and Lorene Yarnell. Their TV variety show, The Shields and Yarnell Show, debuted in 1977 (but was canceled in 1978).

If you don’t remember the show, perhaps you remember their robots having breakfast routine [vid]. It was one of the skits they performed on a 1979 episode of The Muppet Show.

(There was no equivalent spike for the name Shields, in case you were wondering. And that’s good, because one freaky mime name is quite enough.)

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