Baby Names Needed for Quintuplets

A reader named Allison and her husband Dawson are expecting 5 (!) little ones. Three will be boys, two will be girls, and their surname will sound a lot like “Barber.” Here’s more from Allison:

We have twins Holden Patrick (Holden is from Catcher In the Rye and Patrick is my father’s middle name) and Theo Drummey (Theo because we liked it and Drummey is a family name.) I’m Irish and my husband is Canadian but doesn’t really have a name preference (other then if he had his wish our first daughter would be Jasmine Atlanta). As you can see I like to have my heritage in the names but I know from my family that names spelled in Gaelic form don’t usually go over well with the western way we pronounce things. At the same time I really like simple classy names and names with meaning… We have a large mix of name choices the only thing we knew is we don’t want any Winifreds or Paulinas or Alfreds or Richards, we also would like to stay away from Liam, Aidan, Maeve, Finn, Brigid all family names that have been taken. We are stuck! Here is our list of names so far, completely mixed up…

Tadgh- pronounced Tighe
Cian- pro. Keean
Callum- pro. Kaylum

Caoimhe- pro. Keevah
Thea (I know we can’t use this because of Theo but I love it!)

Family Names: (we would use these as middle names)

Thank you! Any help is appreciated! :)

First of all, congratulations!

I think Holden and Theo have great names. Of the options listed, the five I like best with Holden and Theo are Benjamin, Christian, Maxwell, Kate and Cecilia, though I like many of the others as well.

I’d be wary about using names like Tadgh and Caoimhe because, where I am, names like these require explanation. Things will probably be tricky enough with quints…why add extra complication? :) But perhaps Allison and her family live in a place where Irish names are common and this isn’t an issue.

Here are some other ideas:


It’s hard to talk about middles before the first names are in place. I’d probably use short middles with long firsts and vice versa (e.g. Cecilia Pearl, Kate Patricia), just for balance. And I’d avoid the combo Jasmine Pearl, as that’s a type of tea. It’s delicious, but still.

Which of the above (3 boy names, 2 girl names) do you like best with Holden and Theo? What other names would you suggest to Allison?

UPDATE – Allison has just learned that there will actually be 3 girls and 2 boys!

44 thoughts on “Baby Names Needed for Quintuplets

  1. 7 Kids?! Wow, you’ll have your hands full. (I have twins, so I’m sympathetic.)

    The thing I noticed is the -n names: Allison, Dawson, Holden. She might want to focus on names that go with Theo, for some balace. Rhea would work instead of Thea (or Mia, Pia, Leah, Celia, Amelia/Emilia, Delia, or, say, Shea, Thedra).

    I would definitely avoid Auden for a girl, because of it’s similarity to Allison and Holden, and because it would come across as male next to the more feminine names on the list. But maybe that’s its appeal.

  2. As a mother to a Cian and a Declan, those are my top boy picks :) Also really like Rory and Emmett from your list, and they are different enough from Theo and Holden that I think they’d fit well.

    For girls’ names to maybe add to the list: Brenna, Francis, Darcy, Moira, Althea (just different enough from Theo? Maybe not?), Jude….

    Good luck!

  3. Thank you for posting!
    @C in DC- I know 7 kids… God bless us… I really love Celia because it is so close to Cecelia/Cecilia which I love! And I did think about and have had people tell me, that they think Auden would come across as more of a boys name (maybe because of its closeness to Aidan, which is my brother’s name and because of W. H. Auden), but for some reason I don’t see it…

    @Jamie- Declan would have been on our list but through my whole childhood I had a beautiful Golden Retriever named Declan and unfortunately we had to put him down when I was a sophomore in HS, and I just don’t think I could name my son Declan because of it… I also like Rory but along with the other Gaelic/Irish names on my list I didn’t know if they would clash with Theo, which can be traced back to Greek roots…

    @Nancy- I love Lucas, Nolan, Owen, Ronan, Lucy and Norah, the funny thing is a lot of the names you posted were names already taken by family members!

    So at the moment my top favorites are
    1. Maxwell
    2. Christian
    3. Rory (crossing my fingers my family will agree!)
    4. new comer Shelby!
    5. Kate, Sage or Auden…so hard!

    And by the way my husband still wants a Jasmine Atlanta, which I think is just sooooooo cheesy! I mean come on! Atlanta?!?

    Thank Yous:) keep the suggestions coming!!!:)

  4. I’ll pair them with middle names after I have the final names I think… they are due in April but because they are quints my midwife said it is highly they will come early…

  5. From your list, my favorites are Callum, Samuel, Maxwell, Cecelia, and Rosalie. You could also use Jasmine — it seems only fair that if you’re having five kids, your husband should be able to give one of them his favorite name, provided you don’t have any strong objections to it. Jasmine and Rosalie for the girls, maybe? They’re both flowerly, but since Rosalie is Rosalie instead of just Rose, it doesn’t bug me so much. Or maybe Jasmine and Kate — they both feel feminine yet tailored.

    Ideas for middles:
    — Samuel Jeremy, Maxwell Brian, Callum Benjamin, Cecelia Pearl, Rosalie Patricia

    Other names that sound good with Holden and Theo:


    Good luck!

  6. I think of Auden as more male because it’s a surname, it’s similarity to Holden, and Audrey and Audra are more familiar as girl’s names. It’s your choice, regardless. I love Shelby!

    I woke up this morning thinking about -o names: Lazlo, Milo, Marlo, Margot, Willow.

  7. I think I’m starting to like Jude, but I just keep thinking of Jude Law….
    @Emmy Jo- I actual like Jasmine and Rosalie together, my problem is I don’t know if they will match with the rest of the names that are, to my ears anyway more classy… I’m trying to make an effort to like Jasmine but I don’t think I’ll ever love it… The other thing is that my husband really wants Atlanta/Atlantah as the middle name and I really only want to use family names for the mn..

    @C in DC- I also like Milo because it kind of reminds me of Theo, I don’t really like any of the girls names and I don’t think I’m a fan of Lazlo…

  8. Yeah, didn’t want to ‘say’ it, in case you really liked it too, but ‘Jasmine Atlanta’ kinda sounds like a stripper name to me…. Sorry!

  9. i really love the name skylar for a girl its classy pretty and not too common but for boys i absolutly love holden…its my fathers name and pearl ahhpens to be my middle name and cecelia pearl is just so beautiful i love it…i also really like benjamen nora and rory(for a boy)

  10. @Pearl- I don’t know how I feel about Skylar, I had a friend in HS who was very interesting and exotic to say the least… I tainted the name a little I think…

  11. It is pretty but I don’t know if it fits with my other name choices just like the Irish names on my list…

  12. New idea!!! All one syllable nicknames?? Katherine nn Kate, Jillian nn Jill, Maxwell nn Max, Samuel nn Sam, Benjamin nn Ben? No Irish names with that though…

  13. I really, IMO, think Skylar is WAAAYYY cuter on a girl because it sounds very feminine. I mean Skylar? I can’t not imagine ever naming my son that… He would be the only boy Skylar in his school, just like Aubrey, Ashley, Kelly and Madison- it might have started as a boys name but it just doesnt sound good on boys any more… Again IMO….

  14. [Just had to delete a Skylar comment. Please, no attacking/insulting/making sweeping generalizations about parents who wouldn’t use a name as you would, regardless of the side you’re on. Thanks!]

  15. I don’t mean to say anything negative, just personally think it is kind of mean to name your son those names now….

  16. Of your list I like most:

    Callum, Samuel, Maxwell, Jillian and Rosalie

    Including other lists I think these sound nice together:

    Cian, Henry, Milo, Orla and Stella

    Some other ideas, keeping in mind siblings Holden and Theo—



    > Callum, Arthur, Donovan , Tallulah and Catriona.

  17. (I got cut off)

    Would your dh consider Jessamyn instead of Jasmine (although I do think Jasmine (and Yasmin) is a beautiful name; perhaps not with the proposed mn).

    Jasmine also reminds me of Isobel/Isabelle, Vanessa, Jade, Tamsin
    Maybe Harper would also fit your naming style.

    Would your dh like Jasper?

  18. Could you get your DH to split Jasmine Atlanta and go with something like Jasmine Marie and Patricia Atlanta? You keep the family names in each kid’s name, and he gets the two names he likes.

  19. @Maria- I really like Rona- if it’s pronounced like row-na, it sounds like Rowan which another family name…. I am not a fan of Jessamyn, I think Jasmine is better. I like Vanessa and Jade but still my favorite name of yours is Rona…

    @C in DC- I just went through names on the list and other family names and I don’t think I’d give any of them as a first name… I think we might end up with a daughter named Jasmine though :/

  20. Update! Just went to the doctors for a quick 7 month check up and had a ultrasound done. We found some interesting news, instead of being pregnant 3 boys and 2 girls, there are actually 2 boys and 3 girls!!! My ob/gyn and ultrasound technician didn’t pick up on it till now because they are so many of them! They counted Boy 2 twice!

    And it looks like I’ll give my husband Jasmine Atlanta, Rosalie Alaska and Saige Aspen (maybe Sage? We don’t know yet- your opinions please!)- they are all very similar because of the flower like first name and then Atlanta, Georgia, Alaska, USA(obviously ;) ) and Aspen, Colorado.

    For the boys it is still undecided.. any good names to go with Jasmine Rosalie and Saige/Sage?? And I’d like to do family names for the boys…

  21. Holden, Theo, Jasmine, Rosalie, Saige…Maxwell and Christian? I think those two sound good.

    I also like Emmett, another from Allison’s original list, and Maria’s suggestions of Lorcan and Donovan.

    I think Abram and Simon (suggest by Emmy Jo) and Samuel (orig. list) are great too, but with Saige there’s already an s-name, and Abram might be overkill on the b-r sounds, considering the surname.

    I’m not sure how you guys feel about repeating middle names for the boys, but I think that’s what I would do — Maxwell Drummey and Christian Patrick, say. They’re nice middles, and it would be cool to give the boys some sort of pattern because the girls will be getting one. To make everything fair. :)

    A few other boy names that I don’t think have been thrown out there yet: Ethan, Oliver, Jack/John, Dylan (not Irish, but close!), Kyle (ditto), Oscar.

  22. I was thinking Samuel to, I don’t really mind have the same first letter as long as they are on opposite genders. I was also thinking Maxwell and Samuel but I didn’t know if those sounded to close?

  23. Just wanted to let you know the quints were born via C-section 6 and a half weeks early yesterday. So far all are doing okay, only one is in what could become critical condition. I will post names later on.

  24. i know your busy and have more than a handful but maybe when the babies are napping update the blog and let us know what you decided for names…hope the babies stay well and are home soon!!!

  25. I’m not really allowed to go any where so I figured I’d add an explanation to all the names too:) none of their names are set yet, we are waiting a bit before we do anything, if there is anything you would recommend I’d love to hear it!

    Shiloh Caoimhe Marie Bieber- Shiloh because its pretty, Caoimhe because I wanted
    something Gaelic and Marie because it is my mother’s middle name

    Ronah Niamh Elizabeth Bieber- Ronah (which Maria suggested and I fell in love) because no one in her class will have it, Elizabeth is Dawson’s mothers middle name and Niamh is Gaelic and was my sister’s name for a little while before my mother changed it to Brigid

    Troy Ronan Jeremy Bieber- Troy because it is strong, Jeremy is my husband’s father’s

    Samuel Rory Brian Bieber- Samuel because we thought it work well with Troy, Rory because it is Irish and Brian is my father’s name

    Alaska Fiona Diane Bieber- I did not want to give in, but I let my husband name one
    daughter and I said no to Atlanta (in one of my posts I must have had a loopy
    day where I said I agreed to doing place named, that’s what bed rest does to you
    I guess), Fiona is because my mother always wanted a Fiona, and Diane is Dawson’s
    grandmother’s name

    I starting liking names like Justin, Austin and Jaden/Aidan/Caden the last week or so but obviously with our last name everyone would think we were
    trying to sound like/name our children after Justin Bieber and we get enough
    prank calls as it is…

    Again I hated giving into my husband with Alaska because I don’t think it fights
    and it is cheesy, but considering she was the biggest (which is still so tiny)
    and cries the least, she does kind of remind me of Alaska with it’s size and
    quietness. My only hope now is that no one will judge her because of it.
    So far everyone has loved the names except for Alaska but I think they are
    warming up. It is better then Atlanta at least…

    I wanted Shelby, Shiloh and Alaska but didn’t want Alaska to be the odd girl out.
    I also wanted all the names mixed together so I tried make them flow, I couldn’t not give them some of their heritage.
    But still no birth certificates are official yet, actually Ronah’s name is still up in the air, but since I’m calling her Ronah I think it will stick… maybe…
    Thoughts? Comments? I’m open:)

  26. Very nice! A lot of really great names. :)

    I like how some of the trickier Irish monikers (e.g. Caoimhe) are still in the mix, but as middles. I think that’s a smart place to put them.

    Alaska is easy to shorten (Allie), which is nice. Other place names that start with a include Adelaide, Alexandria, Athena (Athens), Augusta — these aren’t as conspicuous as Atlanta or Alaska, so they might be easier to live with.

  27. I like Alexandria and Athena, but Athena IMO would start a theme with Troy and sounds similar to Theo. One of my biggest concerns is making sure they twins get the same amount of attention and are individuals and not lumped in with the quints.
    The thing about the nm Allie for Alaska is that I sometimes go by that and I don’t want an Allie and an Allie. When Holden says Alaska he says “Saska” and I think that’s cute for now, but I am definitely going to suggest Alexandria with the nm of Lexie.

  28. Thanks Jamie! All are doing fine except Shiloh, she has a fever and with her being the smallest and least developed it could be a problem. The joke at the moment is “Baby Bieber has the Fever”, as in Bieber Fever. The nurses seem to think it’s hysterical. My husband is now thinking Noannie pronounced No-nee for Alaska, I very much regret giving him naming privlieges….

  29. The names are official. I thank with the help of my family got the names that fit better with Holden and Theo. We love these names and so does our family:). So here they are:
    Kate Fiona Diane Bieber
    Samuel Rory Brian Bieber
    Troy Ronan Jeremy Bieber
    Auden Niamh Elizabeth Bieber
    Shiloh Caoimhe Marie Bieber
    And they are all doing well so far. We are a very happy a family:)

  30. I just wanted to throw out something a little’s one of the names i liked when i was pregnant but the father didn’t like it that much. Meshack (pronounced mayshak) for a boy. its a biblical name, its Aramaaic, and it means guest of a king. I’ve always loved Claire for a girls name and is a popular irish name thought it doesn’t originate there. Cassidy is a cute irish name for a girl and i like Redmond (irish) for a boy.

  31. The saga of little Kate’s name was interesting and entertaining to read: thanks for sharing!

    My favorite is Troy R. J. Bieber. Ronan is very cool. And what a last name! :)

    And my best guesses without Googling were “Nee-AHM” and “Co-EEM-ay:” but I’m not Irish. They look beautiful and hopefully people remember yout corrections. I much prefer “real” exotic names to made-up ones.

  32. Isobel, Samuel, Talia, Caleb and Scarlett
    Isobel Grace, Samuel Jack, Talia Lily, Caleb Rhys (Reece) and Scarlett Olivia

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