What Would You Name an 11-11-11 Baby?

Want an 11-11-11 baby? You’re not alone, according to yesterday’s CNN.com article “11-11-11: How to get the coolest birthday for your baby.”

Now for the fun part. If you were having an 11-11-11 baby, would you give that baby a name that reflected his/her unique birthdate? If so, what name?

13 thoughts on “What Would You Name an 11-11-11 Baby?

  1. It might be fun to use the roman numeral for 11 as his/her initials, XI. Xandria Isabel for example. That way it’s not too obvious that you’re honoring their birthday number.

  2. I’m very mentally tied to November 11th as Remembrance Day (Veterans Day in the States). I’d have to go with something serious to commemorate appropriately. A “word” name, like Justice, Honour, or Liberty might be appropriate, perhaps as a middle name. The “cutest” I could go is Poppy. I’d also look for names of family members or local heroes who were/are veterans. According to behindthename, Zechariah means “Yahweh remembers” and Mnemosyne (ni-MAWS-?-nee) means “rememberance.”

    Unfortunately, the 11th letter of the English alphabet is K. I hope no one gives their child the initials KKK.

  3. My birthday is April 11, and I was born at 11:11, so everyone called me legs eleven, but when said fast it sounded like Lex Leven so my nick name became Levi, pronounced like leh-vee, I think Alexi or Alexia or Alexis or Alexa would work or maybe even Eleven if you wanna go different;) (Alivyn, Alevin, Elevyn)

  4. As jokes only: Even, Prime (Optimus Prime?), Lucky.

    Seriously, naming your kid after this birthdate would be like naming a 12/25 baby “Jesus” or “Angel” or “Noelle”. Not so cool, in my mind.

  5. Undine, in the most ridiculous method of justifying the name un (one in French) + deien (ten in Old French.)

    In another messed translation method since eleven in German is elf, I suppose you any name that has “elf” in the meaning. Alva, Alfred, Alberich, Alvar.

  6. I would call a girl Ellevine and a boy Ellef. Both Norwegian names traditionally given to the 11th child. I especially love Ellevine, she’s so sweet!
    I also love the XI idea, although I have no idea what names I’d end up with….
    Xanthos Immanuel and Xiomara Ismay I think :)

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