Baby Name Battle – Donald vs. Kiefer

Baby Name Battle - Donald vs. Kiefer

If you were having a son, and you had to name him either Donald or Kiefer, which would it be?

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7 thoughts on “Baby Name Battle – Donald vs. Kiefer

  1. There are four Donalds in my family, and I don’t like the sound of it at all, so Kiefer gets my vote. Even though our surname starts with a ‘V’ and that clashes a bit with the ‘f’, I would never name my child Donald.

  2. Donald!
    For the same reason as CN Heidelberg, plus I refuse to use the name of a celebrity with “single-name” recognition. As long as that celebrity is alive, you have no control over the image of the name…

  3. Duck. It comes down to Duck. Plus all the Dons I know…I just wouldn’t bestow it. That said, Kiefer is an annoying name. The kid would probably go by his middle name in my family.

  4. The name Donald is in my family too –I would never name or date a Donald.
    Keifer gets my vote, for sure!

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