Charlie Sheen Baby Names – #winning?

Ever since the Charlie Sheen Meltdown began a few weeks ago, I’ve been wondering, “Could this insanity be influencing expectant parents?”

I tried to ignore the possibility. Even after I learned Hot Topic was selling Sheen-themed T-shirts, and Harcos Labs was selling energy drinks called Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA (via Nancy Friedman’s Year of the Tiger post) I thought, “Sure, businesses will try to cash in. But parents? No way.”

And then, yesterday, Gawker posted a photo of a Charlie Sheen tattoo. Someone commented with a link to FAIL Blog, where there were a least three more Charlie Sheen tattoos (one, two and three). That’s right — multiple people have inked permanent tributes to “rock star from Mars” Charlie Sheen onto their bodies.

So I feel like I can’t ignore this anymore.

Has anyone out there seen (or bestowed) a Sheen-inspired baby name recently? I’m talking Sheen, Charlie-Sheen, Winning, Bi-Winning, Goddess(es), Tiger, Tiger-Blood, Adonis, Adonis-DNA, Vatican-Assassin, Warlock, 7-Gram-Rocks…

If there are at least four tattoos, there has to be at least one baby.

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