Baby Named Salida After Colorado Town

Map of Salida, Colorado, from 1882

Not long after the Colorado mountain town of Salida* was founded in 1880, the town fathers announced that a free plot of land would be given to the first baby girl named after the community.

The Hunt family of Salida took them up on their offer. They welcomed a baby girl in mid-1881 and named her Salida Gertrude.

But when Salida Gertrude tried to collect her prize upon turning 21, she was denied. The offer apparently had never been entered into town record and made official.

Nearly 80 years later, on Salida Gertrude’s 100th birthday, Salida town mayor Ed Touber tried to make things right by presenting Salida with a plaque “bearing her name and the town symbol.”

Something’s better than nothing, I suppose.

*The town name is pronounced sa-LYE-da, even though it appears to be based on the Spanish word for “exit,” salida, which is pronounced sa-LEE-da.


Image: Bird’s eye view of Salida, Chaffee County, Colorado. 1882. – LOC

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