How They Named the Baby (Poem)

I think it’s time for a poem.

Here’s one from the late 1800s called “How They Named the Baby.” It was first published in humor magazine Judge.

They talked of Medora, Aurora and Flora,
Of Mabel and Marcia and Mildred and May;
Debated the question of Helen, Honora,
Clarissa, Camilla, and Phyllis and Fay.

They thought of Marcella, Estella, and Bella;
Considered Cecilia, Jeanette, and Pauline;
Alicia, Adela, Annette, Arabella,
And Ethel and Eunice, Hortense and Irene.

One liked Theodora, another Leonora;
Some argued for Edith and some for Elaine;
For Madeline, Adeline, Lily and Lora;
And then, after all, they decided on Jane.

Which of the above names do you like most? How about least?

9 thoughts on “How They Named the Baby (Poem)

  1. So I wanted to post my favourite and disliked names.

    I Like and would use: Aurora, May, Bella, Cecilia, Elaine, Lily, Alicia
    I like, but would not use: Edith, Helen, Leonora

    I dislike: Marcia, Flora,Phyllis, Fay, Clarissa, Jeanette, Hortense, Theodora, Annette

    Names I would like if they were a bit different: Honora (Honor), Camilla (Camille), Estella (Estelle), Adeline (Adelaine), Madeline (Madeleine), Lora (Laura)

  2. cute.

    I actually quite like Jane.

    My favourite is probably Helen (or maybe Camilla) and my least favourite Mildred (or maybe Ethel or Hortense).

  3. I like most of the names. Annette’s my favorite of this set. I’m not a fan of Hortense. I find Medora an interesting inclusion.

  4. Karen, me too. I like the name Jane quite a bit. Also Helen, Pauline, Theodora, Edith. And Camilla, although (like Sophie) I prefer Camille.

  5. My favorites are Mabel, Cecilia, Theodora, Leonora, Edith, Lily, and Jane.
    Least: Marcia, Clarissa, Phyllis, Hortense.

    Is Medora a real name? I’ve never heard that one.

  6. Favorites: Aurora, Mabel, May, Helen, Edith, Cecilia, Adela, Annette, Theodora, Leonora, Adaline, Madeline and Jane!

    Least Favorites: Medora, Marcia, Clarissa, Marcella, Jeanette, Hortense, Irene and Lily.

  7. I like:
    Aurora (nn Rory)

    I’d like if they were a little different:
    Camilla (Camille)
    May (Mae)
    Adela (Adele)
    Leonora (Leanore)

    I like as middle names:

    I dislike:

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