NOTY 2011 – Your Final Four?

NOTY is back! Here are the contenders for 2011.

My picks and my husband’s picks for final four are…

Region Her picks His picks
Jihad Larry*
Solo Alone
Moe Lester
La’Peaches Pitts
Shalom Dreampeace Compost
Solo Alone
Taco B. M. Monster
Yu Arafuka

One of the contenders, Joe Shortsleeve, is well-known Boston news reporter. He always wears long-sleeved shirts on TV, in case you were wondering.

Which names do you think will be the last four standing?

*Jihad Larry has been replaced with (rather weak contender) Cassanova McKinzy, so I’m going with Ebenezer Noonoo now.

4 thoughts on “NOTY 2011 – Your Final Four?

  1. Oy, I think those crotchtangle choices on the site are all roller derby queen names waiting to happen. Or burlesque stage names (my sister Bevin goes by “Viv Vacious”).

    My four?
    Ebenezer Noonoo
    Yolanda Supersad
    Vernon Lee Bad Marriage Jr. (The junior is what does it for me)
    Vivacious Crews

  2. NOTY had a contender named Destiny Frankenstein a few years ago. I think that one would be an awesome roller derby name.

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