Baby Name Battle – Marcella vs. Medina

baby name battle, marcella vs. medina

If you were having a daughter, and you had to name her either Marcella or Medina, which would it be?

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9 thoughts on “Baby Name Battle – Marcella vs. Medina

  1. I’ve been in love with the name Medina ever since I was a little girl. I can’t use it myself [various reasons], but I really wish I could. I think it’s beautiful, and I love that it’s multicultural.

  2. I voted for Marcella, because I loved the Raggedy Ann books.

    Medina, pronounced meh-DAHYN-uh, is a suburb of Minneapolis… so I don’t think my fellow Minnesotans will pronounce it as muh-DEE-nuh. Which is a pity because it’s a lovely name.

  3. I have to echo Julie, only my meh-DINE-ah is outside of Rochester, NY. My hubby is from there so there is no way we’d be able to see Medina and pronounce it meh-DEE-na!

  4. I’m surprised by this one. I would’ve put my money on Medina, but right now it’s 48-7 Marcella.

    I wonder if this would still be the case if Medina had more of a fixed pronunciation.

  5. I only pronounce this as meh-DEE-nuh. I’m guessing the meh-DYE-nuh pronunciation is what turns people off.

  6. Medina reminds me of the song Funky Cold Medina. It is beautiful despite the song. I would choose Marcella just to save my child from possible teasing.

  7. Medina rocks. It also happens to be my name. And I was never teased about it once growing up. But I have to admit, I secretly like that Marcella is winning… because that way my name stays original.

  8. I would choose my name duh!? I’m kinda sad cuz I gotta side with Medina I want my name to stay original. Already have 2 tv shows with my name in the title

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