Baby Girls Named Jeopardy in 1983

This one confused me for a while:

  • 1984: unlisted
  • 1983: 6 baby girls name Jeopardy [debut]
  • 1982: unlisted

Jeopardy was a one-hit wonder on the SSA’s baby name list in 1983.

My first (and only) guess was the popular quiz show Jeopardy, but the show began airing in the mid-1960s, so that probably wasn’t it.

Then, a week or two ago, I heard what I think is the answer on an ’80s radio station. It was a tune called “Jeopardy” by The Greg Kihn Band.

“Jeopardy” was apparently one of the top songs in the nation in 1983, reaching #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in May. I’d never have guessed it by the bizarre music video.

Source: Jeopardy Chart History – Billboard

5 thoughts on “Baby Girls Named Jeopardy in 1983

  1. Really? I swear that was the first time I’d ever heard it, even though I listen to 80s music all the time. (Of course, maybe I’ve heard it millions of times and just never paid attention…)

  2. I would have thought the TV show too, but the rebooted Alex Trebek version debuted in 1984.

    I can’t link to the video here, but I’m guessing it’s the “our love’s in Jeopardy, baby” song, which I can hear in my head only as the Weird Al version “I lost on Jeopardy, baby”.

  3. @C in DC – Yep, that’s the song. I do think I remember the Weird Al version, now that you mention it. Just not the original. Strange.

    After I learned Jeopardy had been on the air since the ’60s, that was my thinking as well — gotta be Trebek. Sadly it was not. Would’ve been pretty cool, though. :)

  4. OMG!! This is so weird that I found this!! My name is Jepardy, no “o”!! Ahhhh! CRAZY!!

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