Top U.S. Baby Names of 2010 Released!

The most popular baby names in the U.S. in 2010, according to the illustrious SSA, were these:

  1. Jacob (same as in 2009)
  2. Ethan (same)
  3. Michael (same)
  4. Jayden (up 4 spots, from 8th)
  5. William (same)
  6. Alexander (down 2 spots, from 4th)
  7. Noah (up 2 spots, from 9th)
  8. Daniel (down 1 spot, from 7th)
  9. Aiden (up 3 spots, from 12th)
  10. Anthony (up 1 spot, from 11th)

Jayden won’t top ’til it reaches the top, apparently. Is Jayden’s dominance a sign of the forthcoming zombie apocalypse? Yes, probably.

  1. Isabella (same as in 2009)
  2. Sophia (up 2 spots, from 4th)
  3. Emma (down 1 spot, from 2nd)
  4. Olivia (down 1 spot, from 3rd)
  5. Ava (same)
  6. Emily (same)
  7. Abigail (up 1 spot, from 8th)
  8. Madison (down 1 spot, from 7th)
  9. Chloe (same)
  10. Mia (same)

The top ten girl names haven’t changed overall, while the top ten boy names now include Aiden and Anthony and exclude Joshua (was 6th, now 11th) and Christopher (was 10th, now 13th).

More analysis to come. In the meanwhile, please leave a comment with your thoughts/observations. See anything interesting on the new list?

One thought on “Top U.S. Baby Names of 2010 Released!

  1. I like Jayden, and to be honest, I’m really tired of Jacob’s dominance. But considering there were 22,000 Jacob’s born last year, it’ll stay on top for a while still..

    Interesting stuff, hmmm, Finley rose over 100 spots for boys and girls. Sawyer debuted for girls. Eloise made a huge climb for girls. Adele made the list, inspired by the currently popular soul singer Adele maybe? Most of the girls name debuting or climbing a lot seem to be very feminine and italian inspired too.
    Most of the biggest climbers for boys started with the letter K.
    Quinn is I think the most gender neutral name on the list, only 40 babies make a difference.
    Popular celebrity baby names like Theo, Bodhi, Tatum debuted for boys.

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