Kick to Pick – Tried It? Thoughts?

Have you tried Kick to Pick? It’s an iPhone app that allows your baby to choose his or her own name with a kick (or punch, or squirm, etc.). You can have the baby choose “from thousands of baby names or even a shortlist created by you,” according to the website.

One AppStore commenter liked it:

Me and the mrs named our daughter using this app :D

But another said it featured “ridiculous names,” and suggested that the designers make a few improvements.

I don’t plan to download this app, but I do like the idea of it. Using the iPhone’s accelerometer and your baby’s random movements to help brainstorm for names sounds like fun, and I’m a fan of anything that adds fun (instead of stress!) to the baby-naming process.

Have you played with the app? If so, what did you think?

One thought on “Kick to Pick – Tried It? Thoughts?

  1. Consumer Reports published App review: Kick To Pick a few days ago. An excerpt:

    Is this app worth 99 cents? If you and your significant other are in an intense dead heat over a few possibilities, you could really let the baby choose with this app. It would make for a fun story to tell him/her later in life.

    The app could also be a fun baby-shower pastime, although I hardly think it’s fair to hold the baby solely responsible for his or her own name this early in life. I wouldn’t rely on it completely.

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