5-Letter Baby Names – Most Popular of 2010

From 4-letter baby names to 5-letter baby names. These were the most popular of 2010:

Top 5-Letter Boy Names Top 5-Letter Girl Names
1. Jacob (ranked 1st overall)
2. Ethan (2nd)
3. Aiden (9th)
4. Mason (12th)
5. David (15th)
6. Logan (17th)
7. James (19th)
8. Dylan (31st)
9. Caleb (33rd)
10. Tyler (34th)
1. Emily (ranked 6th overall)
2. Chloe (9th)
3. Grace (18th)
4. Avery (23rd)
5. Sofia (26th)
6. Sarah (30th)
7. Layla (37th)
8. Riley (40th)
9. Khloe (42nd)
10. Bella (48th)

Of the 14,140 boy names and 19,698 girl names on the SSA’s baby name list in 2010, 3,324 boy names and 3,827 girl names were five letters long.

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