Don’t Waste Great Baby Names on Pets

Speaking of cats…an exchange between mother and daughter, courtesy of Parents Shouldn’t Text:

“Why wouldn’t you consider having kids at least?”

“I donno I just wouldn’t….can’t explain.”

“No, I know why, you and that husband of yours have already given all your favorite baby names to your cats.”

“Mom!!! Keep guilting me more!!!”

Ha. And the screencap has been “Liked” on Facebook nearly 130 times, so this obviously resonates with at least a few people out there. :)

Moral of the story? If you think you might want kids one day, save your favorite names for the babies — don’t waste them on pets!

UPDATE, 4/30/2013: Just spotted an e-card that reminded me of this post: - I've used up all of my favorite baby names on my cats.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Great Baby Names on Pets

  1. I’ve had my cat since highschool, and I named her Madeline….at the time that was my favourite name. And now, about 10 years later, I still like the name Maddie for my cat, but it’s no longer one of the names on my list for future children. Is that because of my cat, or just because my taste in names has changed over the last 10 years? Probably a bit of both.

  2. I named my cat Hugo after the character on LOST. Now because I say it all the time I find myself wishing I could use it for a future son! Though our last name starts with ‘H’ so that’s another strike against Hugo lol!

  3. I know someone who was in the same situation! She used Phoebe for her cat, then couldn’t use it for either of her two daughters. How funny.

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