How Many Babies Were Named DeLorean?


A few minutes ago, Mental Floss tweeted:

Back to the Future came out 26 years ago today. In an early draft of the script, the time machine was made out of an old refrigerator.

And old refrigerator? That would have been horrible. (Where would they have put the flux capacitor?)

Thankfully, the fridge was replaced with a DeLorean DMC-12.

Which reminds me — did you know that hundreds of U.S. babies have been named DeLorean since the Irish sports car was introduced to the American market in the early 1980s?

  • 1991: 10 babies (10 boys, <5 girls) named DeLorean
  • 1990: 15 babies (8 boys, 7 girls) named DeLorean
  • 1989: 17 babies (17 boys, <5 girls) named DeLorean
  • 1988: 11 babies (11 boys, <5 girls) named DeLorean
  • 1987: 24 babies (18 boys, 6 girls) named DeLorean
  • 1986: 22 babies (22 boys, <5 girls) named DeLorean
  • 1985: 34 babies (26 baby, 7 girls) named DeLorean
  • 1984: 36 babies (26 boys, 10 girls) named DeLorean
  • 1983: 32 babies (23 boys, 9 girls) named DeLorean
  • 1982: 15 babies (8 boys, 7 girls) named DeLorean
  • 1981: unlisted

There have been more since. I’m just too lazy to list the rest.

Sadly, the original DeLorean Motor Company went bankrupt in 1982 — years before it could start capitalizing on the DeLorean’s Back to the Future (1985) fame.

The fact that hundreds of humans are now named DeLorean after the car does make for a touching consolation prize, though.

Source: Mental Floss tweet
Image: DeLorean DMC-12 with doors open by Kevin Abato of GrenexMedia.

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