8-Letter Baby Names – Most Popular of 2010

These were the most popular 8-letter baby names last year:

Top 8-Letter Boy Names Top 8-Letter Girl Names
1. Benjamin (ranked 22nd overall)
2. Jonathan (28th)
3. Nicholas (38th)
4. Jeremiah (52nd)
5. Giovanni (114th)
6. Santiago (133rd)
7. Leonardo (150th)
8. Emmanuel (154th)
9. Cristian (182nd)
10. Fernando (188th)
1. Isabella (ranked 1st overall)
2. Samantha (15th)
3. Victoria (32nd)
4. Brooklyn (34th)
5. Savannah (46th)
6. Kimberly (68th)
7. Madeline (77th)
8. Serenity (84th)
9. Caroline (88th)
10. Angelina (93rd)

Of the 14,140 boy names given to 5+ baby boys in 2010, a total of 1,145 were 8-letter names. Of the 19,698 girl names, 2,449 had 8 letters.

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2 thoughts on “8-Letter Baby Names – Most Popular of 2010

  1. Giovanni reminded me that I saw a Geovany on TV the other day. Maybe on Le Tour de France? There are a lot of great names represented in TdF this year: Geraint, Linus, Wouter, Tejay, Sylvain.

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