Thoughts on Alef?

Deborah Kolben, editor of Jewish parenting website, gave The Jewish Week her thoughts on Alef, the name of Natalie Portman’s newborn son (and the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet).

Q: Were you surprised at the announcement of “Alef”?

A: I think everybody was a little surprised. There were a lot of jokes about whether or not she’d keep going through the alphabet, get to Bet and Hey. It’s a funny name, everyone agrees, but we’re sort of used to those since Sacha Baron Cohen [a Jewish actor] named his daughter after a Hebrew month, Elula.

What are your thoughts on Alef?

Source: The Alef-Bet Of Baby Names

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Alef?

  1. I read in another source that they were spelling it “Aleph”, which makes it like a cross between Alex and Joseph.

  2. It’s Aleph, but it is pronounced the same way. I think she changed the spelling to make it seem more legitimate maybe?

  3. This just screams “Give me more attention.” Can someone tell Natalie she is NOT the first woman to give birth, please?

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