Baby Names Banned in New Zealand

New Zealand recently released a list of 102 baby names that have been rejected over the last two years. I can’t give you the full list — I haven’t been able to track it down, even at the New Zealand government website — but here’s a partial list:

. (period)
* (asterisk)
/ (forward slash)

Source: Lucifer, Full Stop baby names rejected

5 thoughts on “Baby Names Banned in New Zealand

  1. I wonder how they feel about Sargeant.

    It’s interesting to see single letters outlawed. I wonder if it applies to all 26 of them. I have a friend who’s grandfather’s first name was J (not Jay).

  2. That is absurd !!!
    My son’s name is Duke & it’s a family name
    that we hope will be continued to be used for
    generations to come.
    Lucky I’m an Australian living in the USA.
    Silly Kiwi’s !!!

  3. i have a cousin named Lucifer…
    iknow, Lucifer= satan..the devil…
    but Lucifer was his angel name, before he became wicked this is the name of a beautiful Angel, i can understand if satan / devil would be banned but Lucifer? Just because he became bad doesnt mean to say his original name should be hated on, thats just like saying a man named Bob grew to be an evil wicked guy so they changed his name to Robert and noone was alowd to be called bob..or robert from then on

  4. A couple of weeks ago, CNN published some of the baby names banned in New Zealand since 2001, along with the number of times they came up:

    Justice: 62
    King: 31
    Princess: 28
    Prince: 27
    Royal: 25
    Duke: 10
    Major: 9
    Bishop: 9
    Majesty: 7
    J: 6
    Lucifer: 6
    using brackets around middle names: 4
    Knight: 4
    Lady: 3
    using back slash between names: 8
    Judge: 3
    Royale: 2
    Messiah: 2
    T: 2
    I: 2
    Queen: 2
    II: 2
    Sir: 2
    III: 2
    Jr: 2
    E: 2
    V: 2
    Justus: 2
    Master: 2
    Constable: 1
    Queen Victoria: 1
    Regal: 1
    Emperor: 1
    Christ: 1
    Juztice: 1
    3rd: 1
    C J: 1
    G: 1
    Roman numerals III: 1
    General: 1
    Saint: 1
    Lord: 1
    . (full stop): 1
    89: 1
    Eminence: 1
    M: 1
    VI: 1
    Mafia No Fear: 1
    2nd: 1
    Majesti: 1
    Rogue: 1
    4real: 1
    * (star symbol): 1
    5th: 1
    S P: 1
    C: 1
    Sargent: 1
    Honour: 1
    D: 1
    Minister: 1
    MJ: 1
    Chief: 1
    Mr: 1
    V8: 1
    President: 1
    MC: 1
    Anal: 1
    A.J: 1
    Baron: 1
    L B: 1
    H-Q: 1
    Queen V: 1

    Source: No, you can’t call your baby Lucifer: New Zealand releases list of banned names

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