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An 18-year-old named Kymberly Wimberly graduated from McGehee Secondary School in Arkansas several weeks ago. Even though she had the highest G.P.A. in her graduating class, she wasn’t allowed to be the sole valedictorian — perhaps because she’s black. The school named a white student with a lower G.P.A. as co-valedictorian. Kymberly is now suing the school district.

I can’t comment on the case, but I’m very curious about that name. I wonder what it was like to grow up with the name “Kymberly Wimberly.”

Source: Black Student Can’t Be Valedictorian, via Gawker

4 thoughts on “Name in the News – Kymberly Wimberly

  1. Good for Kymberly Wimberly, suing her school district! I wonder if complaints about her being a single mother, as well as black, put pressure on the school to name a white (presumed not a single mom) co-valedictorian a day after Kym was told that she was the (sole) valedictorian. It looks like this could be double discrimiation.

    As for her name, there’s always the option of going by Kym.

  2. People use nick names instead of their given name all the time, but does anyone ever use a nick name for their family name? Could Kym Wimberly be known as Kymberly Wim?

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