Popular Baby Names in Nova Scotia, 2010

According to Nova Scotia’s Registry of Vital Statistics, the top baby names in 2010 were Owen and Ella:

Owen (77 baby boys)
Liam (76)
Benjamin (73)
Ethan (70)
Jacob (70)
Logan (58)
William (52)
Carter (51)
Jack (49)
Samuel (45)
Nathan (43)
Alexander (41)
Brayden (40)
Noah (40)
Ella (61 baby girls)
Olivia (60)
Ava (59)
Emma (53)
Lily (53)
Abigail (48)
Sophie (48)
Emily (47)
Chloe (41)
Alexis (40)
Isabella (40)
Madison (40)

A total of 8,784 babies were born in the province last year.

Source: Ella, Owen top baby names in Nova Scotia

One thought on “Popular Baby Names in Nova Scotia, 2010

  1. I love the names Olivia and Chloe. In fact, my sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl on August 18 and I suggested that she gives her baby the name Danielle Olivia.

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