The Morlok Quads – Edna, Wilma, Sarah, Helen

Morlok Quads: Edna, Wilma, Sarah, HelenOn May 19, 1930, Carl and Sarah “Sadie” Morlok of Lansing, Michigan welcomed identical quadruplets.

The quads were named Edna A, Wilma B, Sarah C, and Helen D.

Their first names were inspired by the hospital in which they were born, the Edward W. Sparrow Hospital (Edna/Edward, W./Wilma, Sparrow/Sarah, Hospital/Helen).

Their middle names — the letters A, B, C and D — indicated birth order.

(Other multiples with an alphabetical names: quints in Nebraska, quads in Alberta.)


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Image: Find A Grave

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  1. the dionne quintuplets were also born in the 30’s and were a tourist attraction in canada- i read a very sad book about their loves when i was a teenager. their names were: yvonne, annette, cecile marie, emilie marie and marie rene alma

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