The Yearbook Method

yearbook photoCan’t decide between your favorite baby names?

Try the yearbook method.

You don’t know what type of kid you’ll be getting, so the goal is to find a name that would fit any type of kid.

Here’s what you do:

1. Grab a yearbook.

Not one of your own–someone else’s. (Knowing the people in the photos will mess with your judgment.)

2. Test each name on a kid in every group/clique.

Skip the individual photos in the front and go straight to the group shots in the back–the photos of student musicians, athletes, artists, debaters, thespians, journalists, activists, scientists, and so forth.

If any name sounds not-quite-right on any type of kid, for whatever reason, eliminate it.

Image: Yearbook (1959) by gallagher.michaelsean

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