Baby Name from Honeymoon Locations

From a 1923 issue of the Boston Globe:

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sole of Newark N. J. named their baby after the cities they visited on their honeymoon. Francisco Washington Boston Newark Sole is the burden wished on the mite.

For those who traveled to multiple locales on their honeymoons: If you used this formula to come up with a baby name, what would the name be?

Source: “Odd Items From Everywhere.” Boston Globe 5 Dec. 1923: 24.

6 thoughts on “Baby Name from Honeymoon Locations

  1. If my parents’ had done that to me, I would have been named Victoria. Or actually I guess my twin sister would have been. Don’t know what I would have been named.

  2. I think for some couples this is a great source of inspiration! I’d have been Virginia, which is nice (unless they opted for the full “Virginia Beach”). We went to Montego Bay, and used “Monty” on the kitten we adopted when we got home. I don’t think “Jamaica” is quite to my taste for future children, especially since I’m half Jamaican. I’d have to name siblings Germany and Ireland.

  3. Our honeymoon-inspired name would be something like Paris Nice Cannes Monaco Milan Zurich Strasbourg. (Counting cities only.)

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