Convince Your Picky Partner – Remember Eye Contact

Next time you talk names, don’t forget to look at your partner.

Silly tip, right? I mean, why wouldn’t you want to look at your partner?

But it’s crucial.

Eye contact helps you persuade others. In fact, a meta-analysis of 12 different studies on eye contact found that “gaze produced better compliance than gaze aversion in every one of the 12 studies.” That’s an impressive track record.

So if you’re distracted while you talk names — if you’re writing a text message, or staring at the TV, or checking status updates on Facebook — you won’t be looking at your partner, and that lack of eye contact will weaken your message.

Don’t allow that to happen. Focus primarily* on your partner as you rave about your favorite name. You’ll strengthen your message and increase your chances of getting him/her to like the name that you like.

*Of course, no need to stare your partner down. Intense, unbroken eye contact is creepy. Do look away now and then. :)

Source: Segrin, C. “The effects of nonverbal behavior on outcomes of compliance gaining attempts.” Communication Studies 44.3-4 (1993): 169-187.
Image: Conversation by clairity

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