Man Turns Name Frustration into Audible Name Tags

Vigen Nazarian, originally from Iran, now lives in Canada — where his name is frequently mispronounced.

This inspired him to develop technology to help people learn to say difficult-to-pronounce names.

The company he founded is ANTVibes. An ANT, or “audible name tag,” is a recording of you saying your own name. You can then embed that file into emails, websites, electronic resumes, social media profiles, digital documents, and so forth.

Source: Antvibes takes guesswork out of name pronunciation

One thought on “Man Turns Name Frustration into Audible Name Tags

  1. Its great to see how people in different parts of the world have the same experiences and want to build solutions for a better world. I had similar experience with my name and founded It is a free tool and allows people to record the pronunciation of their name and add it to their email and social networks.

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