Victory in Europe…Almost

Many sources claim that American soap opera actress Robin Strasser was named “Robin Victory in Europe Strasser” at birth. According to Robin Strasser’s blog, though, this isn’t quite true:

Born on May 7th, 1945 at Bronx Jewish Hospital. When my mother came out of the ether (mom’s were heavily medicated in those days) they told her “Congratulations, you have a baby girl, and the WAR is OVER in Europe”.

My mother, over-joyed at the news, and apparently over-come with a sincere patriotism said she wanted to name me: Robin Victory in Europe Strasser. “You can’t do that to a baby” said one of the nurses, and wrote instead Robin VEE Strasser on my birth certificate.

I never use a middle name, and were I (being a die-hard Francophile) to use a middle name, I’d be literal with V(victory) I(in) E(Europe) VIE…which means LIFE in French.

Tres bon n’est-ce pas?

Though Germany surrendered on May 7, Victory in Europe Day is May 8 because that’s when the Allies officially accepted the surrender.

Other WWII-related baby names: Dawn Siren, Dee Day, Hai Hu, Invasia Mae, Jesse Roper, Linda, Linda, Mi Hwa, Victory Pearl Harbor, Swoosie, Tunisia

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