Convince Your Picky Partner – Smile!

Smiley BallsDid you know that smiling, just like making eye contact, makes you more influential during a negotiation?

A smile makes you seem warm, friendly and likable. And we’re more likely to comply with requests from warm, friendly, likable people. So, when you talk baby names with your partner, don’t forget to flash those pearly whites.

Two things to keep in mind:

  • Your smile should be authentic, not one of those “Say cheese!” forced smiles. Hint: A true Duchenne smile creates crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes.
  • Smile frequently, but not excessively. Too much smiling may make you seem silly/unserious.

If you’re not naturally one of those happy-smiley people — I’m certainly not — try warming up beforehand, in front of a mirror, while thinking happy thoughts. (Perhaps think about how great it will feel to finally choose a name!)

Source: Andersen, Peter A. Nonverbal Communication. Mountain View, CA: Mayfield, 1999.

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