Baby Name Suggestion Posts – A Big Change

For years, I’ve been writing free, personalized posts for expectant parents who have emailed me for help.

Sadly, this is going to have to change.

I still want to help those who need it, and I want to keep the service free (as I think baby name consulting is kind of ridiculous).

But I’m getting more requests than I can handle, and some of these requests are turning out to be fake (people have nothing better to do, I guess).

So, from this point forward, I’ll be writing personalized posts only for other bloggers. Specifically, expectant parents with personal blogs.

Here’s why:

  • It’ll be easy to verify that these people (a) exist and (b) are expecting.
  • We won’t have to worry as much about protecting/obscuring crucial personal details like surnames and sibling names.
  • We’ll be able to meet these people and their families (virtually, anyway) and get a feel for their values, style, personality, etc.
  • We’ll see more participation in the comments.
  • We’ll know which name was chosen as soon as it’s posted. (And we’ll probably get to see some cute baby photos, too.)

I know this is a big restriction. But I do think it will make these types of posts more fun overall. I know it will make things a lot easier for me personally. :)

Of course, I’ll continue to tackle general questions (How long should a baby stay nameless? Is it okay to pass name down from mother to daughter?) sent in by anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a blog, so please do contact me if you’ve got one of those.

2 thoughts on “Baby Name Suggestion Posts – A Big Change

  1. That makes complete sense. You answered one of my more general questions when I was pregnant with my last child–what your opinion on 2 middle names was–and although I was going to do it anyway, it was good to have outside confirmation from someone who wasn’t involved. Edward Leo Cassidy, “Leo”, was quite the compromise! But I have a blog so you could go see them anytime (under their pseudonyms now, alas, which was fun to pick as well).

  2. Thanks!

    One thing that’s bothered me for a lot time about the “personalized” posts is that they just aren’t very personalized. Most are mere matching games, e.g., “What name goes with Sadie?” “What name goes with Sebastian?” They’re more about style than anything else.

    I hope that, by focusing on people we can learn a little more about, we’ll finally be able to get past the style stuff and offer truly personalized ideas/advice.

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