The Baby Name Rahn

Helmut Rahn
Helmut Rahn © ddp

At the 1954 FIFA World Cup Final in Bern, Switzerland, underdog West Germany beat undefeated Hungary 3-2 in a huge upset.

The German player who guaranteed the win was Helmut Rahn, who scored both the second and third goals for West Germany.

The U.S. isn’t known for being big on soccer, but the dramatic win gave Rahn a boost on the baby name charts anyway:

  • 1957: 16 baby boys named Rahn
  • 1956: 18 baby boys named Rahn
  • 1955: 22 baby boys named Rahn
  • 1954: 66 baby boys named Rahn
  • 1953: unlisted

(Didn’t influence the name Helmut, though.)

Rahn would easily have been the top newbie name of 1954…had it not already debuted in 1946.

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