Celebrity Baby Name – Maple Sylvie

Actor Jason Bateman and his wife welcomed their second daughter about a week ago. They named her Maple Sylvie.

I have two questions about this name.

1. What was wrong with Mabel? Their older daughter is named Francesca Nora. In terms of style, Mabel Sylvie would have worked well with Francesca Nora.

2. Why on earth pair Maple with a middle that starts with “Sy”? It’s as if her parents want people to associate the name with maple syrup. I don’t get it.

Your thoughts?

Source: Jason Bateman Welcomes Daughter Maple Sylvie

4 thoughts on “Celebrity Baby Name – Maple Sylvie

  1. @Shelley – It might. I’ve seen a few entertainment writers/bloggers mention that Maple might be a nod to the mom’s Canadian roots. The couple has yet to confirm/deny, though.

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