Baby Name Advice from Coldplay

Coldplay released a 5th studio album several months ago. The name? Mylo Xyloto — MIE-loe ZIE-loe-toe, roughly.

When the band appeared on Good Morning America earlier today, vocalist Chris Martin confessed that they now regret choosing that name:

It’s just something that we thought looked really good but everywhere we go around the world people pronounce it in the most crazy ways and we’re beginning to regret it now.

Here’s the video — watch from 2:09 to the end.

The moral of this story?

Bizarre, made-up names — be they band names or baby names — aren’t so cool anymore after you realize no one can pronounce them correctly [vid].

2 thoughts on “Baby Name Advice from Coldplay

  1. Seems a bit daft to be honest. I pronounced it correctly, but then I think most people in english speaking countries would.
    Obviously not everyone around the world is gonna pronounce it the same way, since letters vary in sound from language to language…

  2. Great post. It would be different if it meant something but “looking really good” seems like a lazy way to name an album (or a baby).

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