The Baby Name Suave

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When I first spotted Suave on the SSA’s baby name data, I immediately thought of the Gerardo song “Rico Suave” (1990), but that wasn’t the explanation — the song was released two years after Suave debuted:

  • 1993: unlisted
  • 1992: 7 baby boys named Suave
  • 1991: 8 baby boys named Suave
  • 1990: 6 baby boys named Suave
  • 1989: 7 baby boys named Suave
  • 1988: 17 baby boys named Suave [debut/peak]
  • 1987: unlisted

So where did Suave come from?

The inspiration was singer Suavé (born Waymond Anderson), who scored a top 40 hit in 1988 with his cover of The Temptations’ “My Girl.” (Nothing to do with the 1991 movie of the same name.)

The word “suave” comes from the Latin suavis, meaning “sweet.”

3 thoughts on “The Baby Name Suave

  1. And here’s how Ebony defined Suave in their December 1988 issue:

    Suave means sophisticated and urbane, but it is also the name of one of Los Angeles’ hottest solo artists. Twenty-two year-old Suave (left) made a remake of the Temptations’ ’60s classic My Girl and self-produced his debut album, I’m Your Playmate.

  2. While traveling the name Sua’ve vice Suave meant “pure, light, royality(princess)” it was a name that girls had.

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