Baby Name Needed for Sister of Liam and Brenna

Readers Tracie and Hugh Roarty, who are expecting a baby girl in August, would like a few baby name suggestions.

We have an almost 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter. Their names are Liam Robert and Brenna Kelly. My husband and I are both of Irish American descent. I had loved the name Liam since I was a child (am a bit shocked at how popular it is becoming now!). Their middle names are both family names.

Tracie, Hugh, Liam and Brenna currently live in Belgium, but they’ll be moving back to the U.S. before the baby arrives. They keep track of their travels at Belgian Bloggin, where Tracie recently announced her pregnancy. Tracie mentioned that Brenna would like to name the baby Rapunzel, while Liam would simply like to use the name Brenna again. :)

We have decided that we do not want another very Irish name (I feel like it will start to sound like we wish we lived in Ireland – if that makes sense?).

The names I have been drawn to so far are Margot and Valerie – both French I believe. I think it is the European influence on me. I like that these names are easily recognizable but not extremely popular.

The middle name would be either Patricia or Claire (our mothers names). For the two names so far we like Margot Patricia or Valerie Claire.

I love both Margot and Valerie.

Here are some other names I think Tracie and Hugh might like as well:


Which of the above do you like best for Liam and Brenna’s baby sister? What other names would you suggest?

6 thoughts on “Baby Name Needed for Sister of Liam and Brenna

  1. First of all, congratulations!

    Of the current short list, Valerie is my favorite, although I do find the “r” in the name a bit difficult to say with Roarty. What about Vienne, Verena, or Vivienne/Viviane instead?

    Margot Roarty – do the OT and RO rhyme or am I pronouncing Roarty incorrectly? What about Morgane, Marian(ne), Maryse, or Magali?

    Or maybe Elise? Liam, Brenna, and Elise?

    If you like Irish names, use them – I don’t think it sounds like you wish you lived there. Rather, it sounds like you are honoring your heritage.

    Liam, Brenna, and Caitlyn/Fiona/Neve/Nuala/

  2. I like Margot and Valerie, and would prefer Margot only because it’s 2 syllables like your other names. I’m a big fan of Patrice, so you could do Valerie Patrice if Valerie Claire isn’t quite what you want.

    What about something a little bit Belgian, like Annika or Marika? Annika Claire would work nicely. Or Clara Patricia/Patrice. (I just spotted the intriguing Axelle and Evelien.)

  3. Thank you for all the suggestions/comments! It is so helpful.

    Roarty is said (ROAR ty), so now that you say it it does kind of sound similar to Margot. The “R”s in our last name always give me issue.

    Some of the names have already made our lists, we had discussed Miranda and Julia. I love Julia but it is used a bit too often by people we know and we just did not love Miranda as much as the others.

    Need to ponder over these others. I must say that Elise or possibly Elyse is stopping to give me pause. It is pretty and simple (which is what I love about Brenna) and I also like that it is popular in Belgium. My husband and I were leaning mostly to Valerie right now, but I will need to discuss some of these with him as well.

  4. My niece recently had a daughter and named her Bronwynne Jean. Her older brothers call her Wynnie.

  5. I like Margot & Valerie. In your case I would chose Margot.

    What about :
    Maren – Marin

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