Biggest Baby Name Debuts of the 1990s

We’ve done the ’70s, we’ve done the ’80s, and now it’s time to look at the biggest baby name debuts of the ’90s.

Here are all of the “100+” debut names of the 1990s:

  1. Isamar: 446 baby girls in 1990
  2. Moesha: 426 baby girls in 1996
  3. Erykah: 279 baby girls in 1997
  4. Ajee: 185 baby girls in 1994
  5. Shyheim: 168 baby boys in 1994
  6. Yamilex: 130 baby girls in 1995
  7. Izamar: 107 baby girls in 1990

And here are the pop culture explanations:

  • Isamar & Izamar come from telenovela La Revancha.
  • Moesha comes from sitcom Moesha.
  • Erykah comes from singer Erykah Badu.
  • Ajee comes from Revlon perfume Ajee.
  • Shyheim comes from rapper Shyheim.
  • Yamilex comes from telenovela Como Tú, Ninguna.

The 2000s are next. And here are the top baby name debuts, year by year.

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