Most Popular 1-Syllable Baby Names of 2011

What were the top 1-syllable baby names of 2011?

Below are the top ten single-syllable names for boys and for girls. In parentheses is current overall rank, and in brackets is movement on the 1-syllable list since last year.

Top 1-Syllable Boy Names Top 1-Syllable Girl Names
1. James (ranked 17th overall)
2. John (27th)
3. Luke (39th)
4. Jack (45th)
5. Charles (62nd)
6. Chase (69th)
7. Blake (73rd) [up one]
8. Juan (89th) [down one]
9. Cole (94th)
10. Max (96th)
1. Grace (ranked 16th overall)
2. Claire (50th)
3. Faith (71st) [up one]
4. Brooke (86th) [down one]
5. Paige (107th)
6. Jade (113th)
7. Reese (130th)
8. Kate (175th)
9. Quinn (188th) [up one]
10. Brynn (190th) [new to top 10]

The name that fell out of the girls’ top 10 was Hope. It dropped from 9th to 11th on the 1-syllable list, despite rising from 242nd to 231st on the full list.

UPDATE, taking into account Diane’s comment about the name Charles: If we take Charles off the list and bump the other names up a spot, Jace becomes the new #10.

2 thoughts on “Most Popular 1-Syllable Baby Names of 2011

  1. I would not include Charles here as it is two syllables. I pronounce it as CHAR-ulz and just double checked at Yep, two syllables.

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    Charles is one of those tricky names that can go either way, depending on your accent.

    Where I was raised (northeastern U.S.) it was pronounced with 1 syllable. And don’t forget the U.K. — it’s certainly pronounced with 1 syllable in many (all?) of the various English accents there. :)

    While I love BtN like everyone else, the site isn’t 100% right all the time. Entries for Miles, Graham, Kyle, Noel, etc., account for regional differences in pronunciation. The fact that the entry for Charles does not is probably just an oversight.

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