Types of Bad Baby Names

Nancy Friedman of Fritinancy wrote a great post the other day called What Makes a Bad Name Bad?

It’s about company and product names, but her four “badness patterns” can be found in baby names as well.

Some examples…

Can you think of any other bad baby names that fall into one (or more) of the above categories?

4 thoughts on “Types of Bad Baby Names

  1. Did you see that one of the competitors in the US Track and Field trials for the Olympics is named “English Garden”? I almost fell off the couch when I saw that. It’s not bad, but who wants their name to be a phrase?

  2. Good find! I’m not having any luck tracking this person down…do you remember any other details (gender, event, hometown, age)?

  3. Those are wacky spellings of “trendy” names, which I’ve never seen before. I’d say names like Brayden, Jace or Bentley fall into the trendy category. Also names like Liam, Henry or Oliver would also fall in the trendy category.

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