Road Trip Roundup: Anthime

Last week, I mentioned a pair of prostitute’s shoes I saw on display at the Adams Museum in Deadwood, South Dakota.

But that’s not all I saw there! I also spotted these:

Anthime Leveque - Chairs & Table

A very pretty set of oak and walnut inlay furniture, hand-crafted in the 1930s by a man with an interesting name: Anthime Leveque.

He was born in Quebec circa 1880, but lived most of his life in the nearby town of Lead, South Dakota, where he worked as a carpenter for the Homestake Mine.

Where does his uncommon first name come from?

Anthime [AWN-teem, roughly*] is a French form of Anthimus, which was the name of several early saints. Anthimus is based on the Greek word anthimos, meaning “flowery” (from anthos, “flower”).

*Here’s a French speaker pronouncing Anthime.

[What’s this road trip all about?]

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