Road Trip Roundup: Harley Davidson & Harley Rider

We happened to be in South Dakota the week before the 2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. So we stopped by to check things out.

Sturgis Harley-Davidson sign

Thousands of bikers were already there, so there were a lot of very cool bikes to see.

All those bikes together in one small area created an incredible amount of noise, though — not so cool.

As you might expect, probably 90% of the clothing/accessories being sold by vendors was branded with the Harley-Davidson logo. (The remaining 10% consisted solely of black leggings with rhinestone angel wings on the butt.)

Speaking of Harley-Davidson…did you know that dozens of babies born in the U.S. in the last few decades have been named “Harley Davidson”?

A handful of others have been named “Harley Rider” and “Harley Ryder.”

And it’s not just a U.S. thing. A Belgian baby was named Harley-Davidson a few years ago, for instance.

The soap opera Guiding Light helped popularize the name Harley (and perhaps the pairing “Harley Davidson”) when it introduced a female character named Harley Davidson Cooper in the mid-1987:

  • 1985: 225 baby boys & 16 baby girls named Harley
  • 1986: 203 baby boys & 17 baby girls named Harley
  • 1987: 189 baby boys & 15 baby girls named Harley
  • 1988: 228 baby boys & 35 baby girls named Harley
  • 1989: 269 baby boys & 81 baby girls named Harley
  • 1990: 292 baby boys & 156 baby girls named Harley
  • 1991: 350 baby boys & 316 baby girls named Harley
  • 1992: 556 baby boys & 456 baby girls named Harley
  • 1993: 723 baby boys & 718 baby girls named Harley
  • 1994: 788 baby boys & 858 baby girls named Harley

Last year, 359 baby boys and 710 baby girls were named Harley. (I wonder how many of them got the full “Harley Davidson” combo.)

[What’s this road trip all about?]

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