Road Trip Roundup: Cookie Crum

Cookie Crum was another name that caught my eye in the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Here’s Cookie riding the Wall of Death:

Cookie Crum

“Cookie Crum” wasn’t her birth name, though.

Cookie was born Margery Coffman. In 1949, when she was 17, she responded to a newspaper ad seeking a “personable girl with nerve and courage to become motorcycle exhibition rider in Motordrome.”

She got the job and chose the stage name Cookie Ayers. She rode the Wall of Death for the next eight years with various traveling shows, picking up titles like “Queen of the Daredevils” and “Queen of the Hell Drivers” along the way.

She became “Cookie Crum” when she married her fourth husband, Bob Crum. “I never thought about his name!” she claims.

[What’s this road trip all about?]

Source: Meet Cookie Crum, ‘Queen of the Hell Drivers’

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