Name Changed from Pitbull to Peter

I discovered this doozie of a name the other day: Pitbull Shotgun. It once belonged to a boy in Santa Clara, California. He was born in 1986.

I searched for him online (Badlands has a Facebook page, after all) but didn’t find him. Instead, I found this in a newspaper from early 1991:

name change, pitbull to peter

Among the name change preceedings [sic] listed for Santa Clara, Calif., in July was the petition by a young boy, originally named Pitbull Shotgun Collier, to change his name to Peter Collier.

Good. Nothing left for me to mock, but I’m very happy the name was changed.

Ditto for Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.

Source: “‘Guardians’ married for cause, no love.” Daily Idahonian 24 Jan. 1991: 6B.

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