Baby Named for Jack Dempsey

Boxing’s first million-dollar gate was the match between American boxer Jack Dempsey and French boxer Georges Carpentier that took place in New Jersey on July 2, 1921.

That morning, a baby boy was born in Pittsburgh to Mr. and Mrs. John Mahoney. “[A]s the father was an enthusiastic rooter for the Irish fighter, it was decided to hold off naming the baby till after the result of the Jersey City fight should be known.”

Dempsey won in the 4th round. So the baby was named John Dempsey Mahoney.

Mr. Mahoney’s brother, a Carpentier supporter, stopped by later that night. The men fought over the baby’s name and ended up at the police station, charged with disorderly conduct.

The magistrate ordered the uncle to buy John Dempsey Mahoney his first pair of shoes.

Source: “Names Baby “Dempsey”.” New York Times 4 Jul. 1921: 12.

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