Road Trip Roundup: Huckleberry

To get from Montana to Yellowstone National Park, we took Route 212, which includes the 69-mile Beartooth Scenic Byway.

The Beartooth climbs to an elevation of nearly 11,000 feet, so, even though it was mid-August, we saw a bit of snow:

Beartooth Scenic Byway in August

(This has nothing to do with names; it was just a really cool drive.)

At the end of the Beartooth portion of Route 212 was a little town called Cooke City.

We stopped the car at the aptly named Stop The Car Trading Post and split a delicious huckleberry float (huckleberry soda + vanilla ice cream).

I didn’t get a “before” shot, but here’s the “after”:

huckleberry float

It reminded me that I haven’t blogged about the name Huckleberry in a while.

To rectify that, here are the most recent stats on Huckleberry:

  • 2011: 17 baby boys named Huckleberry
  • 2010: 9 baby boys
  • 2009: 15 baby boys
  • 2008: 21 baby boys
  • 2007: 6 baby boys
  • 2006: 6 baby boys

These are the only stats on Huckleberry, actually. The last 6 years are the only years in which the name Huckleberry has been given to 5 or more babies in the U.S.

The name has been in use much longer, though. The earliest example I’ve found is Silas Huckleberry Hartwell, born in March 7, 1839, in North Vernon, Indiana. And I’ve got few more from the 1840s. After that, nothing until the late 1870s (post-Tom Sawyer, which was published in 1876).

[What’s this road trip all about?]

6 thoughts on “Road Trip Roundup: Huckleberry

  1. Huckle instantly brought to mind Huckle Cat from the Richard Scarry Busytown books and TV show.

    The little boy in Terms of Endearment is Huckleberry Fox (born George Miller Fox)… perhaps the best stage-name ever.

  2. Huckleberry is on our list of potential boys’ names. My partner got the idea from watching the West Wing, in which Toby names his son Huckleberry.

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