Very Rare Names – Grumpy, Groovy, Shoofly

Here are some rare names, sorted by exactly how many times I’ve spotted them in the U.S. so far.

One-of-a-kind Names

Chemistry Laquaylechan Easter (female, born in 1991 in California)

Doughnut Dipelot (female, born in 1912 in Massachusetts)

Doughnut Dipelot

Flimsy Farmer (female, married in 1919 in Arkansas)

Maurice Grumpy Valcourt (male, born in 1974 in Texas)

Jobless F. MacDonald (male, married in 1915 in North Carolina)

Loveisajoy Myhlub Pha (born in 2000 in Minnesota)

Luckyboy Vang (born in 2001 in Minnesota)

Marauder C. Mahdi (born in 1973 in South Carolina)

Miserly Edwards (male, born circa 1911 in North Carolina)

Kaylyn Molecule Engen (female, born in 1994 in Minnesota)

Obsession Lutecevarand Dailey (female, born in 1989 in California)

Primordial Perez (male, born circa 1922 in New Jersey)

John Procrastination Jonson (male, married in 1949 in Washington D.C.)

John Procrastination

Situation Reid (male, born in 1894 in Georgia)

Telescope Barbier (male, born in 1872 in Louisiana)

Atenaclair Windchime Graham (female, born in 1995 in California)

Two-of-a-kind Names

Example: Don Awesome Dickson (male, born in 1943 in Nevada)
*It’s more common than I thought! At least 19 Awesomes born in the US in the last few years, and here’s one more Quebec.

Example: Barbecue Willis (male, born in 1929 in Georgia)
*Did find one more, but it was spelled Barbeque.

Example: Groovy Jackson (male, born circa 1908 in Florida)

Example: Horseshoe Bartlett (male, born circa 1843 in Kentucky)

Example: Physics Campbell, Jr. (male, born in 1919 in Virginia)

Example: David Superstar Ramos (male, born in 1978 in Texas)

Example: Temerity Allyson Gilbert (female, born in 1988 in California)

Three-of-a-kind Names

Example: Itchy Birkas (born in 1957 in Ohio)

Example: Polyester Annette Mills (female, married in 1992 in Texas)

Four-of-a-kind Names

Example: Contempt Johnson (female, born circa 1803 in New Hampshire)

Example: Nostalgia Noel Yarbrough (female, born in 1987 in Texas)

Example: Shoofly Atkins (female, born in 1883 in Virginia)

Example: Sloppy Milton Harthorn (male, born circa 1845 in Pennsylvania)

Example: Spooky Bowers (female, born circa 1926 in Florida)

Which of the rare names above is your favorite?

Mine would be John Procrastination Jonson, hands down. Procrastination really ought to be the middle name of so many people I know. Myself included. :)

9 thoughts on “Very Rare Names – Grumpy, Groovy, Shoofly

  1. Man, I dig Groovy Jackson, it’s like really far-out. ;)

    The best part of his name is that he was middle aged in the era that Groovy meant “cool.” It makes me wonder where his name came from…

  2. I ran a couple of the more modern names through Google out of curiosity as to what somebody named Temerity or Nostalgia might do with her life. Didn’t find a lot, but it looks like Obsession’s grandfather was named Farless. Unusual names may be a family thing.

  3. I happened to google my name and came across this that it was creepy my name, birth year, and place was on here. I go by my middle name Noel but it took me until I was an adult to appreciate the uniqueness of my name. But to answer your question on what I did with my life I’m proud to say I am a mother of a 3 year old son, a wife, and an RN.

  4. @Noel – Thanks for the comment!

    Sorry to creep you out. All the information above is part of the public record and freely available at sites like

    I’d love to know how you came to be named Nostalgia — is there a story behind your name?

  5. Darn those public records! Lol well I’ve been told Nostalgia came from and old Bellamy brothers country song called Sweet Nostalgia and they loved the band and the song so Nostalgia it was and Noel actually came from Steve Wariner a country singer his middle name is Noel and my parents were huge country music fans so I guess my name is just a huge country song! Haha!

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