Unique Baby Name – Oregon Territory

Remember when I blogged about the elusive baby name 54º 40′?

I still haven’t managed to track down anyone named 54º 40′, but I’ve discovered something close.

In April of 1845 — while the U.S. and Britain/Canada were embroiled in that dispute over the Oregon Territory (a.k.a. Columbia District) — Edmond and Eliza Winters of Ohio welcomed a baby boy.

They named him Oregon Territory.

In most places he’s listed as “Oregon Winters” or “Oregon T. Winters,” but on his daughter’s birth certificate his full name is written out (though misspelled) Oregon Teritory Winters:

oregon territory winters

(My search for a 54º 40′ continues, of course! I am not deterred. If there are any Fifty-Four Forties out there, I will find them. And blog them.)

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