Eusebia, Cyrian, Albina, Garin – Possible Royal Baby Names?

Prince William and Kate MiddletonIn early December, we learned that Prince William and Catherine “Kate” Middleton were expecting.

Many other name bloggers have since posted great lists of potential royal baby names (like this one, and this one).

Because others have already covered the topic, and because I’m not incredibly interested in the royal family, I was on the fence about bothering with a similar post.

And then, rather fortuitously, I received a fun press release revealing some of the more unusual names in William’s and Kate’s respective family trees. So I’ll go ahead and post that (plus a couple of polls!) instead:


Unusual first names in the royal couple’s family trees uncovered as pregnancy is announced –

If Prince William and Kate Middleton decide to take baby-name inspiration from their forebears, the royal baby could be born a ‘Grissel’, ‘Boniface’ or even ‘Lancelot’.

New research from, Canada’s leading family history website, reveals that while ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘John’ are the most common boys and girls names in both family trees, there are several more unusual choices the young royals could opt for.

The royal family tree contains the most unusual names – with Boniface, Cyrian, Marmaduke, Slyvanus and Lancelot all featuring in the male line, while Eusebia, Honor, Thomasin, Ursula and Hyacinth appear for the females.

And while many of Kate’s female ancestors have more recognizable names, her ancestors weren’t without some interesting monikers as well. Among the boys are Garin, Lewen, Theophilus, Uriah and Elie, together with girls called Permelia, Albina, Edezer, Grissel and Jemima.

To discover unusual names in your family’s past, visit and sign up for a 14-day free trial.

Let’s play a game. Let’s say William and Kate are required (by decree of the Queen!) to use one of the unusual names above. And let’s also say the couple want to hear your opinion on the matter. (Again, highly plausible!) Which two royal baby names — one boy name, one girl name — would you recommend to them?

Which male royal baby name would you pick?

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Which female royal baby name would you pick?

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Image: Will & Kate on the balcony by Magnus D

4 thoughts on “Eusebia, Cyrian, Albina, Garin – Possible Royal Baby Names?

  1. I picked Theophilus for the boy’s name, with its trendy Theo nn. I also really like Garin, Elie, and Sylvanus (Van?).

    I picked Thomasin for the girl. I also really like Ursula and Honor. Hyacinth, while lovely, has a “mean girls” vibe for me.

  2. I love the fantasy of this post!

    King Marmaduke has a real ring to it (although the “duke” in it might be a bit confusing for a king I suppose) and Queen Ursula is somehow quite beautiful.

  3. I voted for Eusebia and Sylvanus. King Sylvanus sounds wonderful, and I love the letter combination in Eusebia. I also love Albina and Honor but only as Honour or else it seems misspelled…. ^^ Eusebia sounds more regal.
    Lancelot and Cyrian are also nice, but Cyrian sounds like Syrian which might not be ideal. King Lancelot is a little much.

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