Most Popular 1-Syllable Baby Names of 2012

Below are the top 1-syllable baby names of 2012. Each name’s current overall ranking is in parentheses. Brackets indicate movement upward or downward on the 1-syllable list since last year.

Top 1-Syllable Girl Names Top 1-Syllable Boy Names
1. Grace (21st)
2. Claire (45th)
3. Faith (75th)
4. Brooke (102nd)
5. Paige (105th)
6. Jade (112th)
7. Reese (128th)
8. Quinn (153rd) [up one]
9. Brynn (189th) [up one]
10. Kate (194th) [down two]
1. James (14th)
2. John (28th)
3. Luke (37th)
4. Jack (46th)
5. Charles (62nd)
6. Blake (71st) [up one]
7. Chase (77th) [down one]
8. Jace (86th) [new to top 10]
9. Juan (92nd) [down one]
10. Cole (102nd) [down one]

Runner-up for girls is Hope, runner-up for boys is Max.

P.S. I realize that some people pronounce Charles with two syllables. On that note, other borderline names — like Liam, Ryan, Wyatt and Ian — I left off the list. Who knew this whole “counting syllables” thing could be so difficult? :)

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