“I Would Never Name a Real Child Renesmee”

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Years ago, I wrote a post about the craptastic name Renesmee. The purpose of the post was to dissuade people from using the name, mainly because it’s indelibly associated with Twilight, which is an equally craptastic series of books.

Recently, I learned something rather amazing. That the one and only Stephenie Meyer — author of Twilight and inventor of sparkly vampires — actually agrees with me.

Not about the books, of course, but about the name.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly last year, Meyer was quoted as saying: “I would never name a real child Renesmee.”

Check it out:

EW: You named Bella and Edward’s daughter Renesmee, which has been a source of ridicule even among ardent Twilight fans.

SM: I am someone who strongly believes in reality, and that you don’t monkey around with people’s names. Whether they become a stripper or a lawyer has a large part to do with the name you give them. I would never name a real child Renesmee. But in fantasy, you can name your characters anything you want. I couldn’t have named [Bella and Edward’s] child Lindsay. I couldn’t have named her anything that already exists — it would have felt wrong. I had to pick a name that I felt was completely and totally unique, which opens you up to heckling. Which I’ve taken. I take all my heckling, and I totally get it!

EW: Someone is probably naming their real-life child Renesmee even as we speak.

SM: Well, that really disturbs me. [Laughs]

I love that she isn’t lukewarm about it. She’s not like, “Oh, Renesmee is fine, just not my style.” The idea of Renesmee being used as a real human name disturbs her. So awesome.

This makes my whole week.

Source: Q & A: Stephenie Meyer, Aug. 2012

7 thoughts on ““I Would Never Name a Real Child Renesmee”

  1. This however is a bunch of bullcrap… “Whether they become a stripper or a lawyer has a large part to do with the name you give them”.

  2. considering the number of people that change their names or dont ‘feel’ themselves with it i think names definitely affect us. and the way people perceive our names can stereotype us affecting job status and other societal advancement.

    ps if Twilight never existed and you had just happened to see the name Renesmee would people hate it so much? probably not.

    there are waaaaay worse names. i think its kinda nice. couldnt use it due to Twilight, but nice. and as always i love the realism that shines through Twilights fantasy – Bella squishing two mothers names together is a very real thing that women do that doesnt always work out as well as Renesmee lol.

  3. Having a background in the field of psychology, and actually reading studies done on this very subject, I can tell you with absolute certainty that people’s names do not affect their station in life…in any way whatsoever…Period. In fact, the opposite has proven to be true. People from different social classes tend to name their children in cycles. The cycles tend to be about 10 years and Length. For example, years ago the name Heather was very popular among the upper class. Over several generations it moved down the social classes and eventually woundup being very popular among exotic dancers (strippers). When a name is popular in any class, it tends to get stereotyped by people from the other classes not the other way around. The bottom line or conclusion, name your kids what you want. While some names do get picked on more than others there is no evidence to show that it will affect their station in life either negatively or positively.

  4. I’m sorry but I’m having a girl n I look up to that name only because Stephanie Meyers is my favorite author and on top of that that’s the most gorgeous name plus I can relate to her grandparents my mom is name Renee n well the baby daddy’s crazy to say it but Esme so why not its still meaningful to me its not all bout the fanatasy there’s actually people tat has names like this n does it too I’m sorry I tried to put it in another way but renesmee is like the ultimate name ok I can agree if the other people are just naming there daughter renesmee just cause of the movie but can u stop n think hey mabey there is grandmas name jus like theirs not only that why judge someone yeah it might be disturbing but what if Ppl start to think that bout you because your judging them I’m sorry but hey you judge me yeah imma think that ur just down right discusting yeah Stephanie meyers will always be my favorite author…can’t control everyone n how they choose there child’s name just saying …..

  5. Im glad the speculation about names affecting your station in life because, bluntly put, thats rubbish. Renesme is a beautiful name and just because Stephanie Meyer(My all time favourite author wouldnt name a child that, doesnt mean you and i are not allowed to. Sure naming your child something like dick would get him picked on during his schooling but that doesnt mean he wont/cant become a really great and successful guy. A child can be whatever he/she aspires to be,it has nothing to do with the name. If it carries any meaning to you, if it struck you in anyway. Use it. I mean it is very seldom that we create our own names for our children, in most cases it os something we heard from someone or picked up somewhere(in the family or not). Stephanie wanted something unique when she created that name but until some law states that that name is off limits, i believe there is nothing wrong with namimg your beautiful little girl Renesme, regardless of your reasom.

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