Waiting for the Royal Baby Name…

I didn’t want to break up this week’s debut names series, but royal births don’t happen very often, and I thought this was too interesting to ignore.

Will and Kate’s baby, who hasn’t even been born yet, is already influencing how babies are being named in the UK.

A company called Netvouchercodes.co.uk has surveyed 400 moms-to-be and discovered that “more than ten per cent (42 mums) said they were hoping to postpone having to name their offspring until they heard the royal name.”

One heavily pregnant mum-to-be commented: “My husband and I have decided to wait to see what the royal baby is called before naming ours.

“We have thought of quite a few names but we both decided it would be lovely to see what Will and Kate choose first. I love the name Alexandra so if we have a girl then it may well be the most straight forward decision we have to make.”


A third mum-to-be said: “My baby is due before the royal baby, but I already know I definitely want it to have the same name. The birth of Will and Kate’s baby is such a monumental event that is going to be remembered forever, just like the royal wedding. Giving my baby the same name is my personal way of celebrating.”

I wonder how many of the “waiting” moms are waiting so they can choose the same name, and how many are waiting so they can choose a different name.

Which camp would you be in?

Source: Babies Go Unnamed As Parents Await Royal News

3 thoughts on “Waiting for the Royal Baby Name…

  1. Most likely the name will be something sensible and common, the kind of name most people wouldn’t associate exclusively with the royal baby. More like William and less like Zara.

    (Though I do wonder how it would affect the name’s popularity, especially in America, if they use a more unusual/oldfashioned name — George or Matilda, perhaps?)

    Personally I think it’s a cool idea. I’d rather see people copy William & Kate’s baby name than Wayne Rooney’s.

  2. Well I think Wayne Rooney’s is far more interesting, Kai is a fabulous name, underused, and William and George, aren’t.

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